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Breakup Reversed Review By Stuart Brown

Main Product Site – Breakup Reversed – A Proven Guide To Getting Back Together and Making Up With An Ex By Robert Parsons

Break Up ReversedThe day has begun. The sun is shining in the sky as you look out of the window. You have just had your morning cup of coffee. There is stillness in the air, and all should be right with the world as you look out of the window sipping your cup of java. And yet, its not, because that special someone that you used to be with is now your ex and no longer in your life.

This is a repeating tale of woe as long as time. But the good news is that there are now products around with the specific knowledge to get your ex back, reverse your breakup, and have that whole little morning scene be filled with laughter and cuddles again.

One of those products is ‘Breakup Reversed By Roberts Parsons (the fuller, more tongue twisting title is “Breakup Reversed – A Proven Guide To Getting Back Together And Making Up With An Ex”).

I thought I would take a look and see if it lives up to the hype. Here is the ‘Big Promise’ direct from the sites homepage here.

“How To Reverse Your Situation So Your Ex Fights Day And Night To Get You Back… Even If It Seems Hopeless – I’m About to Reveal a Hidden Way For You To Literally Have Your Ex “Begging” To Get You Back, Especially If You’re The Only One Trying… Guaranteed”

Cool! Begging sounds good. We like that promise. I know! For fun, let’s visualise what that might look like…

Breakup Reversed Review

Rrrrrrr…. Dreams are made of this!

But does the product live up to billing?

First, let’s see what you get according to the salespage here >>

1/ The Main ‘Breakup Reversed’ Guide + The Audio Version of the Course

2/ (Bonus 1) Instant Heartache Relief

3/ (Bonus 2) Breakup Reversed Quick Reference Guide

4/ (Bonus 3) Secrets To Saving Any Marriage

5/ (Bonus 4) How To Keep The Fire Burning After You Makeup

6/ FREE One-On-One Counselling With the author Robert Parsons for 3 months.

7/ A Guarantee that if you don’t get your ex back within 2 months that you can get your money back (can’t say fairer then really).

Click Here to check out Breakup Reversed >>

(In the next part of this Breakup Reversed Review I show you EXACTLY what you get when you buy Breakup Up Reversed)

Here is what that lot looks like:

Looks good so far. How much is it?

Well, at the moment Robert is running a special promotion. So the price has been reduced from $99 to $39, which is about average for these type of products.

Let’s see what you ACTUALLY get when you buy it.

The first things that you will notice after paying is that you get directed to a webpage where you are offered the special ‘Platinum Package’. You only get the chance to upgrade to this once, so if you like the look of it, it would make sense to do it. As you have a 60 day guarantee to make sure it lives up to billing anyway.

This is what is on offer with the Platinum Package.

Click Here to check out Breakup Reversed >>

(In the next part of this Break Up Reversed Review I talk about the ‘Platinum Package’ and what you get with it)

Breakup Reversed

Some of those look quite enticing. And it seems like good value. However, the thrust of this review is for the main product and the bonuses, so I opted not to go for it. (It seems like the price was previously $67 for this on that page, as it is mentioned a couple of times. He has dropped it to $47 for what I assume is a test. So, if you did want one of the products in this upgrade, its probably a good idea to act quite soon, before he puts the price up).

Click Here to check out Break Up Reversed >>

(In the next part of this Breakup Reversed Review I take
an in-depth look at the bonuses that you get with the package)

If you do feel that you need quite a lot of personal help with your relationship, or that you are likely to have more in-depth questions than normal, then the Platinum Support also looks like it could be enticing.

Anyhow, I then got forwarded to the download page.

Hurrah! Let’s take a look at the goodies!

Here is a snapshot of the download area:

The first thing that I notice is that “(Bonus 2) Breakup Reversed Quick Reference Guide” appears to be missing.

Not a good start.

I could of course email Robert to get this (his support email address is displayed clearly on the download page). But its seems careless on his part that I should have to do this.

The rest of the promised materials are there though. (Though I would have preferred the option of being able to download all of them in one go. Clicking on each in turn to download them is tiresome)

Again, on the contact front, I noticed that Robert does NOT send out an email immediately with the location of the download page. (Not very bright of him). So make sure that you don’t close down the download page without first downloading the materials you have just purchased. (You should also book mark it); because otherwise you will have to send a support email to find out the location again.

So, finally, let’s take a look at what we end up with once we have paid up and downloaded all our material.

1/ Breakup Reversed – The Main Manual – 108 Pages

2/ Breakup Reversed – The Main Manual Audio – 2 Hours 6 Minutes 20 Seconds (It’s in MP3 Format and is one file)

3/ Instant Heartache Relief (Bonus to Breakup Reversed) – 3 Pages

4/ Secrets To Saving Any marriage (Bonus to Breakup Reversed) – 49 Pages

5/ Let The Love Last – How To Keep The Fire Burning After You Make Up – 61 Pages

As I said earlier, there is no sign of the promised checklist.

Right, let’s dive in!

Click Here to check out Breakup Reversed >>

First, the Bonuses to Breakup Reversed…

1/ The Audio Recording - The audio version of the course is honestly a bit of a disappointment. Clearly the speaker is one of those ‘electronic voices’ that you can plug a load of text into, and then it reads it out (ie NOT a real person). I would have expected better. You wouldn’t really want to listen to an electronic voice for 2 hours, because the pronunciation is all wrong, and it just doesn’t sound right.

Quite why Robert didn’t just read out the product himself and record it, or pay a professional to read it out, is beyond me. That was a bad call on his part, because for me this makes the audio recording of this pretty worthless.

The plain fact is that the content could be wonderful, but I am never going to find out (from this recording at least), because I am not going to listen to a Stephen Hawking voice for 2 hours telling me about getting my ex back. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb.

2/ Instant Heartache Relief – 3 Pages – Hmm This is actually quite interesting. The particular method he is talking about I have actually done a full course in, and am very experienced with. It does actually work. I won’t spoil the ‘surprise’. Is this bonus really a $29.95 value (on its own) like he claims? Honestly. No. Not a chance. Part of me thinks an email would have been a better place to tell his readers about this. It is only three pages after all, and one of those is the title page! But the method is sound. I am not sure its actually ‘Instant Heartache Relief’, but ‘Instant Stress Relief’ is probably accurate, and that may well amount to being the same thing in practice.

3/ Secrets To Saving Any Marriage – 49 Pages – This is actually really good. This genuinely COULD be sold as a product in its own right. This is a proper guide with quite tight text, so its not just a picture-fest to fill up space. It approaches the subject intelligently and offers a lot of really good insights. It develops a whole thesis about why marriages break down, and how you can bolster them up and get them back on track.

Now, it may well be that you weren’t married to your ex. However, I still think there is a lot of relevance here. What we are really talking about here is ‘People in Relationships‘ and whether or not you have a piece of paper to ‘prove’ your commitment, is irrelevant in the face of getting that working again.

Thumbs up to this one.

4/ Let The Love Last – How To Keep The Fire Burning After You Make Up – 61 Pages – Hey Hey! We are on a roll. This is another good bonus. Nice content. Nicely laid out. Some really good stuff here. The main focus of this book is about ‘Getaways’, so is mainly going to be of use to people who like travelling, and recognise that by getting away with their partner it can help them to refocus on what was good in the relationship.

It goes into a lot of detail about different Getaway ideas, and where would be good places to go for various scenarios.

So, I guess the simple answer to ‘How To Keep The Fire Burning After You Make Up’, according to this at least, is to go on holiday! This guide does give some well thought out suggestions in that area, and whilst I am not sure that you can permanently be on holiday enough to ‘Let The Love Last’. You can at least create a very good starting point to build on.

Overall I would say that the last two are very strong bonuses. 110 pages of really solid content. I would tighten up the rest, add in the missing one, and definitely re-do the audio if I were Robert. But those two make up for some otherwise sloppy decisions, and you should be sure to read the bonuses after you have read the main book.

Click here to check out Breakup Reversed >>


(In the next part of this Breakup Reversed Review I
take a hard look at the main Break Up Reversed System Ebook.
Is Breakup Reversed any good? Or Is it A Breakup Reversed Scam?
Find out in the next part.)

Breakup Reversed – How To Reverse Your Situation So Your Ex Fights Day And Night To Get You Back – Main Product Breakup Reversed Review

Breakup ReversedAll of which juicy shenanigans brings us onto the main point of this breakup reversed review. Namely, whether or not the main ebook is any good. The first thing to see is that it is 108 pages longs, which a good length for a book. Long enough to feel that you are getting good value for money, but not so long that you feel overwhelmed, and don’t bother to read the thing in the first place.

In truth, there is a bit of a balancing act to product length. Because you want to give great value, but you also don’t want to waste your audiences time with unnecessary fripperies.

This is split into eight chapters and gets going at a good pace. Robert explains that he will take us through four distinct stages, progressing through:

1/ Understanding where you currently are and what broke you up
2/ Getting a handle on your current feelings and dealing with them
3/ Assessing what is going on in order to be able to decide on a winning strategy, and then
4/ Get busy on working that strategy to end up with getting your ex back.

(Show me the begging! Show me the begging!)

Click Here to check out Break Up Reversed >>

Chapter 1 of break up reversed jumps in by getting to the crux of the matter. Namely why did you split up in the first place? This is clearly pivotal stuff. Until you start to understand why you are no longer together, and face up to some hard truth’s about yourself and your ex. Then there can be no reconciliation. In a way its like trying to heal a gash on your knee. If you face up to its existence, put on some ointment and a bandage, then it soon heals up. But if you pretend its not there, and keep sliding around, or playing sport, then it will keep opening up, and you will end up with a dodgy knee on what seems like a permanent basis.

Clearly that is not an ideal scenario. Better to do the healing up front, and then you can really come to terms with what is going on, and endeavour to remedy it more quickly.

Robert Parsons talks about the difference between why men and women leave relationships, and the lessons that you can draw from that. And the three main reasons why relationships normally break up. He then goes on to talk about how you can use that knowledge to regain control of your situation, and the reasons why you should play along with the strategies in the breakup reversed book, even if part of you is telling yourself that its all a bit manipulative.

Some nice stuff here. A balanced start to the proceedings. No fireworks yet. And definitely no begging. But we are getting nicely warmed up.

Chapter 2 is about why you shouldn’t be a desperate puppy! (Robert doesn’t actually use the word ‘Puppy’ – that is poetic licence folks). But he does say that you shouldn’t be acting desperately.

Here Roberts starts his secret, special sauce remedy to start the begging coming with some sage advice about connecting with your ex after the breakup, what to do, what not to do, and why. He has some really nice descriptions of WHY you are feeling the way you are. Personally I like this, because it feels like I am a part of the conversation when I am reading something (especially when they want me to do something afterwards) and it explains as well as gives ‘To Do’ steps.

Both approaches can be good. But if you are quite analytical and like to know WHY, then you will appreciate the approach Robert is taking with the breakup reversed system. He is still giving the actions to take, but is also explaining why he believes they are right.

There is also some nice advice about how to deal with your biggest fears when you are split up, such as your ex seeing other people, finding true love, sleeping with other people, discovering a secret love for tap dancing etc (ohhh ok I made that last one up). Again, the remedy for much of this is to simply follow the program and relax. Often you can overcomplicate matters, when all that was really required was to stay calm and focus on the endgame, and not get caught up in the day to day distractions.

He also touches on some work from the Sedona Method to release some of the mental tensions that you may be feeling (though he doesn’t explicitly name it. I have done quite a lot of studying of the Sedona Method, so I recognised it) which some people may find revelatory if they haven’t had previous experience of it.

There is some intelligent design in this section, and it is nicely structured.

Chapter 3 is largely a continuation of the work he started at the end of chapter 2, where he was starting to get you to release the mental tensions that have no doubt been building up since your split from your ex. Only here, it’s moving towards integrating the mental tensions (which are often disparate) into some overall sense of where you are at.

To do that he attempts to break down the relationship structure into the positives and negatives of your interactions, and gets you to do much of the work to assess where you are currently at both physically and mentally by taking stock and writing some question responses down.

(PLEASE! PLEASE! When you buy the book, then do the exercises and answer the questions. The growth comes from you DOING. Not from reading.)

Much of this is really about assessing shared values and shared commitments. By understanding those you can much more easily grasp what it was that went wrong, and also, importantly the parts that worked fine even at the death knells of the relationship.

This is like fixing a clock. It may be that only one spring needs replacing, but the rest of the clock is fine. As soon as you replace the one spring then its all systems go, and the clock jumps back to life.

This is also getting to the nitty-gritty of why you even want your ex back in the first place, and what your attitudes to change are. You need to be making considered judgements here. There are billions of people in the world. Why your ex? You really should know the answer to that, or you are facing an uphill struggle. And, remember that it went pear-shaped in the past, and their is no point in repeating those errors.

With that in mind Robert talks about ‘Twelve Ways you Can Blow It’ which is well worth a read. In a way this is like the fabled ‘checklist’ that was missing from the downloads section. Do the exact opposite of this, and you have a good checklist to work from.

Click Here To Check Out Breakup Reversed >>

(In the final part of this Breakup reversed review see what I made of the final few chapters of Breakup Reversed. And read my overall conclusion)

Chapter 4 is about moving on from an understanding of what went wrong, and moving towards a state of reignition. This is about getting the passion back and starting you on the road back to being in their arms. The first three chapters took up about 1/3rd of the book. So 2/3rds is dedicated to action, which seems like a good mix.

It talks about lots of the different elements that go to make up who we are, and how you can go about moulding yourself into being more than you currently are. This ranges from emotional factors to physical factors and the way that a breakup can affect you. Lots of these physical factors are actually much more important then you might think (and I have already written extensively about them in my own book Cholesterol Revitaliser); because we are all ultimately bio-chemical machines, and our emotions are intimately entwined with what we eat and how we use our bodies.

He talks about how writing about your relationship can help, and gives some good guidelines as to how to go about writing about what happened in a constructive way. And introduces a number of different vignettes of this type which can allow you to grow whilst going through a breakup, and hopefully emerge stronger as a result.

In itself none of these are earth shattering. There is no E=MC² theory here to shake reality to its core. But the truth is that you don’t need it. The salesletters for these type of products sometimes make it sound like you are about to get personal coaching from Lord Byron, Don Juan or some other legendary historical lover in the ways of the heart. But the truth is more mundane. The power is already in you. These guides are simply a way of tapping into it in a logical and ordered fashion.

Chapter 5 shifts up the gears baby! Time to start revving the motor and getting the begging muscles warmed up :-) This chapter of break up reversed is all about desirability, how you can build it up for yourself, and in the eyes of your ex. Because desire is really where its at. When you cut right through it is desire that is the difference between indifference and wanting you back (whether that includes begging is dependent on how much desire you generate and if there is a timescale involved…. “Next week I am emigrating to Australia” + Desire = Begging :-) There is some solid advice about how to do this.

I particularly liked the ‘Eight Delusions About Your Ex’ in this chapter of breakup reversed. The psychological element of relationships is pivotal to understanding what is going on in your own head. That is the stomping ground that is causing your doubts about many things even beyond the realms of relationships. And once you get that handled you will have a lot more power. Looking at your own delusional thoughts about your ex is a great way to get started on that journey.

Chapter 6 is all about the actual action steps you need to take when all the other elements have been dealt with (psychological, emotional, and intellectual) and you are in the right mind space to get your ex back and keep them. In a way the other chapters have been building to this.

It has 8 important factors that you need to know before talking to your ex on the phone. Exactly what to do if you get voicemail, and why the internet is not your friend when it comes to getting your ex back. And what you should do if you get a ‘no’, or a less than positive response from them. It also talks about how you should go about preparing for the date, and seven definite No-No’s that could ruin your chances of getting them back.

There is an ‘Instant Reconnection Technique‘ in this chapter that I liked very much. This is the sneaky stuff that is as close to pressing a big red ‘Get My Ex Back Now!’ button and having them magically re-appear looking lovingly into your eyes, as it gets! Sneaky! Love it!

There is also a pivotal point in this chapter where it talks about attainability. Essentially this is all about bridge building. Your ex needs to know that you are available, but there is a right way and wrong way to go about it. This discusses those factors.

This is quite a long chapter because it also lays the groundwork for your new dating life and the subsequent dates you are going to have with your now boyfriend or girlfriend(Hurray! They are no longer your “Ex”).

Included in this are such elements as the six things that could go wrong, and how to deal with them.

If all has gone to plan though, and you have followed through, then you should have your ex back by the end of this chapter :-)

Chapters 7 is all about how you maintain your new relationship now that it has got back on track. You could also think of this as guidelines for what to avoid, or how to avoid a repeat the sins of the past (you don’t want to have to go through all this again do you!?) It talks a lot about the types of activities you can enjoy together (including many which you probably won’t have thought of). And many different psychological areas that you need to continue to keep in mind, even though the relationship is now back on track. Such as for example, how to handle disagreements, and how to practically use forgiveness to see beyond some of the issues that arise.

It also deals with some of the social factors that will arise such as the potential resentment of some of your friends, and reintegrating into a social circle as a couple.

Chapter 8 deals with the reality that sometimes a relationship cannot be saved. Or else you may simply decide after all the soul searching you will be doing, that you don’t wish to save it.

If that happens, then this chapter discusses how to take the good from the situation. How to adapt what you have learned to find new love, and basically how to move forward as a better rounded person.

This chapter was good. But I did feel it’s an odd way to end a book on rebuilding a relationship, to be focused on the fact that it may all come to nothing. This might have been better placed in an earlier part of the book.

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Overall I enjoyed reading Breakup Reversed. I am not convinced it is quite as dynamic as the headline on its sales page would have you believe though. The truth is that magic bullets are mainly found in childrens fairy stories, and begging exes don’t put in to many appearances in those :-)

If you play this game right and put the tactics in the book into practice then you will most certainly make changes in your life, and there is every chance that if you want your ex back that you will be able to get them back.

You will need to look inside you and focus on what you can do though, because ultimately the only person we really have control over is ourselves.

And Robert can help you with that, because getting to this level of insight is included in the cost in the form of the included one-on-one counselling.

Breakup Reversed Review

Getting an ex back is not about controlling or manipulating them. It is about realising what your own values are, aligning yourself to them, and making sure that your ex still fits into your version of the world once you are a happier, healthier, better rounded person.

If they do, then that is the real starting point for fireworks.

Begging not required :-)

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