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How To Get Him Back Fast Review By Stuart Brown

Official Site – How To Get Him Back Fast By Mark Briody

How To Get Him Back Fast

How To Get Him Back Fast

How To Get Him Back Fast is a guide SPECIFICALLY designed to help women to get their ex boyfriends back after a breakup. And as you can tell from the name of the product, the aim is to do it FAST.  If you go and have a look at Marks site (which you can find by clicking here) then you will see that he currently has a lengthy video presentation that explains exactly what the course is about, what you get, and what others have made of it in the past.   So feel free to check that out after you have read this.

In this review however, I aim to separate the hype from the reality and really get down to the nitty gritty of the product itself.

Actually, one little aside is that Mark actually seems to be making it quite difficult for folk to buy the How To Get Him Back Fast book! It used to be that he had a nice long salesletter that explained all the features and benefits (from his perspective).  And you just had to scroll down to buy it. But he has now changed that to be a video, and the buy button only appears after you have watched the whole thing.

So, when you do visit the page, make sure that you watch the whole video. The video itself is 15 minutes 10 seconds long (Yes. I timed it!) and in itself contains a lot of information that you could use. Its interesting because Mark talks a lot about the different emotional hot buttons that you can press that will have your ex boyfriend ‘addicted to you’ again (Marks words).  The end part is particularly interesting. So make sure you watch it all the way through.

(This How To Get Him Back Fast Review is almost insanely comprehensive though, so you will know EXACTLY what its all about, the good and the bad if you read all the way through (Grab a cup of coffee or tea, its quite long!))

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Mark really delves into future pacing (NLP speak for seeing you back together with your ex) and your renewed relationship with your boyfriend when you get him back in the main video on his site here.  You can really start to see in your minds eye the moment when you get him back, and what you will do after it happens. Fun stuff.

WARNING!!! If you don’t want your ex to be addicted to you again, then clearly this might not be for you! LOL

Clearly Mark has used NLP techniques in constructing his sales pitch, and the message is a compelling one. Essentially the act of getting your man back is a sales pitch. He has to believe that there is more in it for him then the sad reasons that led you to split up in the first place.  So How To Get Him Back Fast is aimed to bridge that gap and creating a compelling future.

(P.S Little tip if you really don’t have the time to watch the video, but want the book. Then if you close down the window with the video, and then click on ‘Cancel’ in the window that pops up, then the salesletter will appear, and you can scroll down to click the link to buy.  Personally, I think the sales process he has is kinda dumb. You have to be in Mensa to figure out how to buy the thing!)

BUT. Is is any good? What do you get for your money?

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(In the next section you will see exactly what you get with the How To Get Him Back Fast Course)

Well, the How To Get Him Back Fast book currently costs $37 (Not $600, Not $397, Not $197, Not $67 etc You get the drill. When the who has has died down it costs $37 which is good value if it delivers what it says) and for that you get the main guide plus three bonus books.

I will get onto the meat of the main book in a moment, and really delve into detail in this How To Get Him Back Fast review.   But first let me show you the three bonus reports that you get in more detail, as these are also kinda cool as they were specially written to accompany the book after feedback from the readers.

I liked this because it does show that Mark is being responsive to the needs of his readers.  Also these are quite specific reports, and often you are left with one or two nagging questions after reading a book, and these help to plug up those knowledge holes that can otherwise bug you.  Of course Mark is only an email away anyway for help, but its nice to get instant answers without having to ask for additional help.

As you know, I properly go through the products I buy for reviews so that you can quite transparently see what you get without any of the smoke and mirrors that these guys sometimes seem to have in their sales process, and that is no different with this How To Get Him Back Fast Review.

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The Sales Process For How To Get Him Back Fast…

Here is a picture of the screen you come to after you click on the link to buy How To Get Him Back Fast. (I added the part to stop people hot-linking the images etc.)

And here is what the Paypal payment screen looks like if you choose to pay for how to get him back fast with paypal.

After that you are then taken to a screen where you are asked for some details about yourself before being able to download the product.

This was interesting because clearly Mark has in mind to be following up with you, and maybe offering you some kind of gift on your birthday! (He also no doubt is figuring out the general age of his buyers.  But of course you don’t have to tell the truth ladies! Heaven forbid!)

It will be interesting to see what he sends out over time. I did notice that he DIDN’T send out the download link in his first email (Not very bright of him). So make sure when you get the How To Get Him Back Fast Course that you download all the books immediately (the page opens up automatically after that page, so as long as you don’t close it down you are fine). And make a note of the download page. Otherwise you will have to contact Mark to get it.

The download page itself which came after was also very easy to navigate. Basically links to download the main book and the four bonuses individually.

I would also like to have seen (but didn’t) just one link so that you could download EVERYTHING in one go.  Personally, I find it annoying when you get 54 different bonuses with a product, and then have to spend an hour of your life clicking on all of the links individually to actually be able to download your stuff.

Not a big deal for 4 links. Its a two minute job. But for any more it would get annoying very quickly (for me at least!)

The Product Itself… How To Get Him Back Fast

Ok. So, onwards and upwards to the product itself.

It consists of four elements.

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(In the next section of this How To Get Him Back Fast Review I look more closely at those four elements and explore whether of not the product works)

The Four Elements of How To Get Him Back Fast

1/ How To Get Him Back Fast – 61 Page Book in 12 different chapters.

2/ The ‘Secret’ To AVOIDING The 2 Most Common Mistakes (Women Make) That Completely Ruins ‘Any Chance’ Of Getting Him Back! – 4 Pages (Bonus 1 of the How To Get Him Back Fast Course)

(Try say that ‘Fast’ after drinking a bottle of wine ladies!)

3/ What You CAN DO – If He Hasn’t ‘Made Contact’ With You! – 7 Pages (Bonus 2 of the How To Get Him Back Fast Course)

4/ How Can I Make HIM ‘Fall In Love’ With Me Again… Even If He Seems Distant From Me Now? – 11 Pages (Bonus 3 of the How To Get Him Back Fast Course)

Here is a picture of them…

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First The Bonuses…

Bonus 1 – The ‘Secret’ To AVOIDING The 2 Most Common Mistakes (Women Make) That Completely Ruins ‘Any Chance’ Of Getting Him Back! – 4 Pages

Not much meat on the bone here.  Not so much as ‘Secret’ as ‘Good Advice’.  Still, there is a lot of sense in what Mark is saying here. But to pitch it as a special bonus report is a bit rich to be honest. If I had paid the $20 Mark suggests for this particular report I don’t think I would have been a happy camper. Its only a couple of pages long, and this might have been better communicated in an email.

The reasoning is sound though. And a bit like a winning stock tip from Warren Buffet would only take up 1 line on an A4 pad (which makes the 4 pages here seem positively abundant!) If you get small details right then you are already 2/3rds of the way along to getting him back.

Bonus 2 – What You CAN DO – If He Hasn’t ‘Made Contact’ With You! – 7 Pages

Again this is quite short, but I liked this one better. Some solid stuff in here, despite the fact that Mark pads it out with quite a few pictures of ‘Happy, Smiley’ types eating and drinking and showing their white teeth.

There was one really nice tip on page 3 (2nd paragraph) which would definitely wheedle its way into the male psychology of your ex (and I know ‘cos I am a man, and it would have bugged the hell out of me if an ex had said this after we had only just split up!)

Ooooooh dating is a balancing act isn’t it. And this report reminds us of that. Between dating and desire lies the unfathomable realm that is a mans mind, and this report has some nice sneaky tricks up its sleeve.

The How To Get Him Back Fast Review Continues…

Bonus 3 – How Can I Make HIM ‘Fall In Love’ With Me Again… Even If He Seems Distant From Me Now? – 11 Pages

Time to get jiggy with it! The title of this report is super cool. I find myself tempted to find out how to fall in love with myself all over again!

This bonus report to How To Get Him Back Fast starts off well. Some positive advice. And the thrust is very much that this process cannot just be about getting your ex back with some sneaky tricks (kind of ironic given the few juicy ones I noted in the last report!). It needs to begin with a fundamental re-appraisal of who you are as a person, what you stand for, the kind of things you like to do, and how you go about doing them.

Being serious for a second, it is really important that you realise that products like this are catalysts for change. They are not the change itself. Reading a book on its own WILL NOT get your ex boyfriend back. That is just a fact. Anymore then reading a recipe for Cherry Pie in a cookbook will lead to the amazing manifestation of a hot cherry pie on your kitchen table.

You have to read this stuff and then take action on it. The power of these products is in making you realise that you need to try something different, or try something at all (for those of you trying to use the power of the mind to ‘manifest’ your boyfriend back, a phone call might work better!).   And the 4 Step recap Mark has on page 7 of this report is actually very useful. If you actually TOOK ACTION on that page alone, your money would have been well spent.

This bonus gets a thumbs up.

How To Get Him Back Fast Review – The Main Product… Any Good?

So, we have taken a look at the bonuses. Let’s now move on to the main book and see what I make of it.

It is 61 pages long, and the text is normal sized, so there is quite a bit of content. There are far less ‘happy, smiley, people’ pictures. So you are getting more bang for your buck then say on Bonus 1, which is a bit weak.

The main How To Get Him Back Fast book is split up into 12 chapters and its interesting to see how they are organised. Mark has chosen to approach getting your ex boyfriend back into very much a modular approach. In a sense he is splitting up the psychology of the dating game into parts, and then attempting to answer the question of how you optimise each of those parts. The theory is that by improving in lots of areas you end up improving in all of them, and ultimately end up getting him back.

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(In the next section of this How To Get Him Back Fast Review  we now get into the nitty-gritty of exactly what is in the book. I take a look at the 12 chapters in turn, and tell you exactly what I think. And I finish by telling you my overall conclusion of the book. Both the Good. And the bad.)

The 12 Chapters of How To Get Him Back Fast… One By One

The first chapter of How To Get Him Back Fast dives in head first with a discussion of male psychology vs female psychology and how those differences manifest themselves in the context of a relationship.  Gender differences are not necessarily very politically correct to talk about, but most of us would admit that when you actually get down and dirty in the dating and relationship game, that there are clear differences.

The first thing is to open the window to those differences and air them, and Mark does that here.

This is Chaser vs Chasee theory in action, and demonstrates the advantage of buying an ebook like this, rather then a normal physical book. This kind of book would have been sanitised to death by Editors LONNNNNG before it made it onto any shelves. But here it can just strut its stuff, and come out with whole branches of relationship theory that you may not previously have been aware of.

And early on (top of page 5 for example). Mark is making a lot of sense very quickly when he talks about power dynamics in a relationship.

Lots of this stuff is NOT rocket science. But in reality the difference between getting back with your ex boyfriend or not is dependent on the small decisions that you take along the way. And those are not major things, like giving him a kidney to show you REALLY love him. The fantasy hero stuff only really happens in comic books!

What happens in real life is a quick phone call here, a ‘chance’ meeting their (or at least making it seem like ‘chance :-)). Stuff that is quite small can have a massive impact on your love life, and so these get ex back style guides are NEVER going to show you how to go about donating a kidney to your ex, or any dramatic stuff. Instead they are going to sweat over the small stuff, like when to call, what to wear, what you should say, what you should be thinking when you say it etc.

Because the reality is that it’s those elements that make the difference between getting your ex boyfriend back or not, and that once you realise that you will be in a better position to change your current reality and get your ex back.

In some ways that is quite an unnerving thought, because it would be easier if relationships were dramatic. That way at least we would know where we stand! But mostly, they are more pipe and slippers then ‘He-Men and the Masters of The Universe’ .  And Mark discusses lots of the small factors in how to get him back fast which are actually crucial in re-creating a framework to get your ex boyfriend back.  And how you can create the image again in your exes mind that you are ‘girlfriend material’.

Mark then goes onto discuss some quite interesting ideas about male psychology, which are not new to the men on the team, but which often seem to pass women by. Such as male attitudes to sex, intimacy and approval and how you need to position yourself in any relationship with a man IF it is going to last.   And how you have to mould patterns of behaviour if you are going to end up with the kind of relationship with your man that you always wanted.

Mark actually covers a lot of bases in this book. It is low on fluff, and high on good thinking. The language style is easy to read, and structurally the material builds well on each other.

Chapter 2 of How To Get Him Back Fast builds on the psychology material by delving into a discussion of why the relationship ended in the first place, and the 5 biggest misconceptions that women have about why it all went belly up in the first place.

This is quite interesting because sometimes talking to people about why relationships end can be a bit like talking to a colour blind person about what colour the red curtains in an apartment are. They cannot see it! You tell them the colour is red, but to them it is a type of grey colour, and for the life of them they cannot grasp what you are talking about.

In the same way, until you understand the psychology of relationships from BOTH a male and female perspective, you may end up thinking that the two partners were discussing two totally different people! Because the reasons for the parting seem so disparate.

Its like that scene from the movie ‘Grease’ where John Travolta sings about his summer romance to his friends, whilst elsewhere Olivia Newton John is singing about her take on the experience (The Song was ‘Summer Lovin’). She is gushing about the emotional connection, whilst he is talking about all her physical qualities!

How to get him back fast shines a light on the fact then that even at the end of a relationship both parties can have very different ideas as to why a relationship ended. And until you face up to how he may be seeing the situation, then you don’t have any chance of setting it right. You first need to face up to those misconceptions, and in chapter 2 Mark helps you to do that by talking about 5 very common misconceptions of why you actually split up in the first place.

It could be that you have the reason properly nailed. But if there is something deeper going on, then you could be sabotaging your future by not being aware of it.

Chapter 3 then goes on to talk about ‘Contact Rules’ and when, why and how to initiate contact which is a useful touchstone for any How To Get Him Back Fast Review, because it is vitally important that you be able to communicate effectively with your ex boyfriend. There is some crucial advice here. Truly you can blow it very quickly with a man if you are too needy in this area. And so doing this the right way is critical if you are going to get him back.

Mark Briody also has a nice six step checklist of what to do and say if he contacts you, (something that is also noted in this How To Get Him Back Fast Review) and another seven point DANGER!! list of things that you should avoid doing or talking about like the plague.

I really liked this part. ‘Contact Rules’ are something that lots of women struggle with, and are not really clear in their own minds what the best approach to take is. So, reading this part of how to get him back fast would I feel have cleared up quite a lot of confusions in women’s minds.

The extra Bonus 2 report also talks about the same subject of contact rules, but approaches it from a different perspective.  The main book is very much more focused on actual rules to follow in normal contact situations like over the phone or in person, whilst the bonus talks more about contact in the context of social circles and your role in groups that you may have both been part of. So they work well together and are quite complimentary. The material is not repeated.

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Chapter 4 of How To Get Him Back Fast delves back into some essential relationship control issues, and into push/pull theories of attraction. Sounds complicated, but actually its quite simple (if fundamental) stuff. You are either attracting or repelling different people at any one time.  There really are no half measures. Anything else is simply disinterest or not being focused on you, or aware of you (like random people on a train, or being in a different room).

And of course we can only have relationships with people we are actually aware of!  So getting to grips with the control dynamics of a relationship is fundamental to your long term success.  And in How To Get Him Back Fast Mark talks about some of the things you can do to shift the power back to you.

Chapter 5 of How To Get Him Back Fast looks at how to turn rejection into affirmation, and at the same time getting on with your life while you are still working on getting your ex boyfriend back. Its no good moping in a corner. That does you no good. You need to fundamentally re-align with who you are. Mark has some nice, ‘Do this, Then Do That…’ type strategies to make that happen and reconnect with the best you.  He talks about four pivotal points that you must address, and how to go about doing it.

In a way this is a like a turning point in the book as well, because the groundwork has been laid, and its now time to turn rejection into happy coupledom again!

Chapter 6 of How To Get Him Back Fast then builds on this by dealing with more rejection techniques, and how by reclaiming your life you can not only turn around your own thoughts and feelings. But how your ex partner perceives you.  It is important to realise that nothing happens in a vacuum, and that you are basically changing not only the way your ex sees you, but also the way you see yourself.  So there are certain things it makes sense to do. Mark talks about those, and the top ways to get inside his head again without him realising you are doing it.

Much of this chapter is also concerned with social interactions. The friend dynamic, and how you can use that to your advantage.  There is one particularly SNEAKY social website (Facebook, MySpace etc) tactic that Mark talks about that made me chuckle with an evil laugh. This is super ninja emotion manipulation stuff. Nice!

Chapter 7 of How To Get Him Back Fast talks about what you should do if he is already dating someone else.  (Catfights ladies?) If you are in that situation then Mark talks about the four things that you SHOULD NOT do, and the things that you SHOULD DO.

It is important in this situation to stay calm and centered. It is very easy to go off the deep end and end up losing him for good. If you step back. Stay calm. And take on board the suggestions here, then they can really help.

Chapter 8 of How To Get Him Back Fast was interesting because there is a very good chance that if you have implemented Chapters 1 to 7, that you are already back with your boyfriend. The next logical step then becomes how you can stay that way! After all you broke up before, so clearly you are not immune from splitting up!

So here Mark talks about how to prevent a breakup from happening well before it happens. Including a special sauce ‘Secret Method’ which plays on male psychology. Mark even includes examples of how the conversation would go, which is cool.  Again, much of what is being said is actually counter-intuitive; so its important to absorb this stuff.

The harsh truth is that conventional wisdom is not always very wise, and so its a good idea to tap into other sources and other peoples real-life experiences.

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Chapter 9 of How To Get Him Back Fast made me chuckle as a guy reading this (the manual also had a picture of a long haired dude washing dishes which seemed kind random!)  In this chapter Mark talks about how you should reward your man for good behaviour.  This sounds weird. But actually makes a lot of sense. Think about the type of make up you wear. Its likely that you have got positive reinforcement down the years that you look nice with it on. So you keep wearing it.  If however you were told on lots of occasions that it made you look like a circus freak, then there is every chance you would have stopped wearing it by now.

Same thing here. If you reinforce the actions you like your boyfriend doing (hopefully by now your ex is your boyfriend again if you have followed through and taken some action on the advice), then he is going to be more likely to do those in the future.

Mark isn’t talking about you buying him gifts every five minutes. He is talking more about psychological re-inforcement (which is more effective and considerably cheaper!) And he talks about the best way to do this.

Chapter 10 of How To Get Him Back Fast is the flip side of chapter 9 and talks about how you go about punishing his bad behaviour.  This should appeal to many of you ladies! Naughty Boyfriend!  Here Mark Briody is not talking about getting angry, or flipping out. He is talking about more subtle techniques that are actually more powerful then that, such as the best ways to go about eliminating your attention, and how to show you are disappointed in him while still keeping your cool and preserving your femininity.

Chapter 11 is all about getting him to invest in you. Now, in how to get him back fast Mark Briody is not talking here about him getting out his chequebook (or ‘checkbook’ for the American ladies who have made it this far). Its about time, its about attention, and its about increasing your perceived value in his eyes.  Its also about how to get him to do the little things like wash the car, write you a poem, make the bed, give you a back rub etc Without seeming like you are being bossy or pushy.

(Little aside… Dream scenario…  6.30 PM… Tuesday Night…. He says…. “Please! Please! Let me do the dishes!”)

There is actually a right way, and a wrong way to go about this. And its surprising to reflect how many women get this all wrong, and then wonder why their boyfriend never does anything for them, despite appearing to care for them.

Chapter 12 (which is the final chapter of How To Get Him Back Fast). We got there folks 4000 words later!) is all about how you must re-evaluate your relationship. I liked this chapter, but actually felt like its in the wrong place. He has some good questions here, but they belong at the beginning of the book. Not the end. If you decide to check out How To Get Him Back Fast, then my advice would be to read Chapter 12 first, and then read chapters 1 to 11. That would make more sense. In that way you can do the foundation material at the right point.  It is of course important to constantly re-evaluate a relationship, and so this chapter does serve as a good guide. But I felt this would be better at the beginning of the book. Not the end.

Chapter 11 is a good way to conclude this guide, because your dude is doing the dishes, giving you backrubs and telling you that you are wonderful!  Hell, who needs to ‘re-evaluate the relationship’! Sounds pretty good to me as it is!


I enjoyed reading How to Get Him Back Fast, and felt that if you actually implement even some of the many suggestions that are contained within it, that it would be money well spent.

Don’t be hoodwinked by thoughts that you can do nothing though. This isn’t the lottery. You cannot just buy a ticket and let the numbers spin. You have to do some work.

If your relationship didn’t work out then the simple, hard truth is that there are reasons for that. You need to assess what they are, and what you can do to change them.

If you are willing to do that then How to Get Him Back Fast Can help.

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Here are what a couple of other buyers made of How To Get Him Back Fast

How To Get Him Back Fast Review

How To Get Him Back Fast Review


How To Get Him Back Fast Review

How To Get Him Back Fast Review


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