Why Bad Advice From Your Female Friends Can Torpedo Any Chance Of Getting Your Ex-Boyfriend Back!

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The world of female advice is a beautiful thing. And when it comes to certain subjects like whether or not a dress looks good on you, whether you should tone down the make-up, or whether you really should go from blonde to brunette, then there is no doubt that you may well get more valuable insights from a woman then you would from a guy.

But the plain truth is that when it comes to relationships, that getting advice from your female friends is just about the WORST thing you can possibly EVER do!

How come? Don’t they mean well? Aren’t they trying to help?

Sure they are. But the problem is that female advice on the matter of dating always seems to assume a couple of things as the given truth.

1/ The female friend KNOWS accurately WHY they split up with their boyfriend.

2/ It was probably HIS fault.

3/ By addressing the ‘problem’ they can help her get back together with him.

Unfortunately, all of these are false.

Most of the time the reason that the woman THINKS was the reason the guy broke up with her is not actually the real reason. She may think it’s over some deep, communication issues, and he may even have told her that. But guess what ladies. He was probably lying! He was probably fed up of your nagging, and not attracted enough to you to put up with it.

What about 2/? Maybe, maybe not. It takes two to tango. Women always assume the guy was the scum bucket when it comes to their friends. Which is ever so loyal, but ever so useless. If you never face up to the truth, then how can you ever address it? And that is precisely what you need to do right now if you ever hope to get him back.

And lastly ‘addressing the problem’ generally comes down to the woman wanting to talk about her ‘feelings’ with the guy.

What is that all about? Have women never met men?

That is honestly the last thing we ever want to do.

So, when it comes to relationships, ditch advice from your female buddies, and start listening to advice from men. It will no doubt be harsher, less fluffy, and the opposite of what you want to hear. But it will be more likely to be true, and it may just help you get your ex back.


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