Three Little Known Psychological Insights To Getting Your Ex-Boyfriend Back

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The path of true love never run smooth, and so just because your relationship hit a rocky patch and broke down does not mean that it cannot get back on track. In most passionate relationships there will always be times when things don’t go as expected, and you will find yourself feeling anything but love for your partner! And sometimes these situations reach a head, and can end up with you breaking up with your ex-boyfriend.

You certainly didn’t want it that way. But by the same token you don’t want to be a doormat in the relationship, and you want the respect that should be afforded to you.

Here are three Psychological insights into the way his mind works:

1. Time IS A Healer - It sounds clichéd, but it is absolutely true. If you give the matter a little time then he will start to think fondly of you, no matter how harshly you split up. This is especially true if you give him a little space in which to miss you, and don’t bombard him with communications from fifty different directions.

2. Get Busy Having Fun - Nature abhors a vacuum. If you sit around like Billy No Mates, swooning over his picture, and wondering how your true love slipped through your fingers. Then you can look forward to being lonely for a long time to come! This is super-Unattractive behaviour. Trust me. Being clingy is like Kryptonite was to Superman! It makes men so repelled you may as well have a sign above your head saying, “Loser”.

Please. Don’t do it. Be like Fonzi. Coooooooooooooool.

3. Why Did You REALLY Break Up? - What I mean by this is that most women split up with a guy, and then jump on a conclusion about why they split up that seems logical to them. However, the truth is that most of the time this reason is false. Guys are far shallower then you give them credit for ladies. It is as likely to be because your arse got too big as because you personality was found lacking (harsh but true). So be clear about the real reasons for your break up.

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