The Two Big Things That Women Are Attracted To In A Man – And Why Money And Looks Are NOT Among Them

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Splitting up with your girlfriend may have been prompted by either party, but if it was instigated by her, then there were clearly deeper underlying issues. One of the big mistakes that guys do when they are trying to get back with their ex-girlfriend is to think that somehow addressing these ‘big issues’ is the best way to go about getting her back.

Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth.

Women may say that they wish you were more communicative, more in touch with your feelings etc, etc. But the plain fact is that none of that stuff is why she was attracted to you in the first place.

Most of the time attraction for women comes down to two big factors:

1. Status – Implied or Actual

2. Confidence

Looks is a very distant third, and if you have enough status (or give the impression that you have), and bags of confidence, then you can look like Danny De Vito and yet still get women falling over themselves to be with.

This isn’t even about money. Most women are not as bothered about money as many guys think. What they are bothered about is security. But that is not always the same thing, and much of the time how you frame the relationship as a man is much more important than what you look like, or how much money you have.

You need to start demonstrating bags of confidence and an air of increased status if you are going to get your girlfriend back. So, rather than kowtowing or trying to talk about past ‘problems’ with her, forget the problems, and make her feel good around you again.

That is the secret to winning her back.

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