Why Being An Alpha Male IS More Than Looks And Money – How A Few Changes Can Help Get Your Ex Back

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If you look at which guys are successful with women then often times it would be easy to come to the conclusion that all that is required are looks and money, and you are made. And it would be easy to be worried and constantly looking over your shoulder if you are guy, about which ‘Alpha Dude’ is going to take your girl away, especially if you have split up from your ex-girlfriend, but now want her back.

The first thing that you have to change is your mindset about exactly who the ‘prize’ in the relationship really is. If you carry on with the thought that your girlfriend is incredibly special, and that really you have punched massively above your weight in getting her, then you already have the seeds of why you broke up in the first place.

Being an Alpha Male when it comes to attracting women is REALLY about mindset, and not about money or looks.

What tends to happen is that guys who are great looking or have a lot of money tend quite often to have the right mindset, and so it masks the fact that this is not the main reason why they are successful with women. These same guys have an inherent sense that THEY are the prize, and this comes across in often cocky or at least confident behaviour, and it is this swagger that is attractive to women.

So, if you want to get back with your ex-girlfriend the answer is to stop playing the beta male. Start believing that it is her that was lucky to have you, and adopt a more confident version of you.

What you will find, especially if you still mix in the same circles as your ex, is that she will notice this new you that is more comfortable in his own skin, laughs more easily, and likes himself more, and she will start to become attracted all over again and seek YOU out!

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