Two Top Tips To Help Get Your Ex-Boyfriend Back – And Regain Your Self-Respect

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When you are just coming out of a breakup then it can sometimes be difficult to see the wood for the trees, regardless of who did the breaking up. But if it was your ex-boyfriend who dumped you then the situation is exacerbated, and there can be a tendency to paint them in a more favourable light then was actually the case.

Therefore just after a breakup, more than at any other period you really need to take a step back and really start to see things as they really were, in order that you can properly assess your current situation.

Here are two things you need to do immediately:

1. Ditch The Rose Coloured Spectacles! - When you are in the ‘mourning’ period it is easy to start to paint the other person in a far more favourable light then was ever actually the case. For starters you split up, so clearly everything cannot have been good about the relationship. Something needed fixing, and it is time to face the truth, and really explore why that was.

Your boyfriend clearly wasn’t some saint, and even if you still want him back after this process of re-assessment, it shouldn’t make you forget what went on before.

2. Put Your Game Face On! - What I mean by this is that if you crawl around to his house on your belly (virtually speaking), begging for him to take you back, then the reality is that his attraction levels for you will plummet. This is the same reason psychologically speaking why guys at school who get their mate to ask a girl out, seldom end up with her. It feels weak, and not very attractive.

Instead, you need to put your game face on and consider yourself like YOU are the prize. Not only will it help your self-respect, but once he sees that life has gone on, and you are having a good time, his desire to get you back will be re-awakened.

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