Four Things You Should NEVER DO If You Want To Get Your Ex-Girlfriend Back (And Keep Her)

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It is tricky when you split up with your girlfriend to know what you should do. Your natural instinct (especially if she broke up with you), will be to go down one of several paths that seem like the way to go, but are really the quickest routes to getting your ex-girlfriend to feel even more sure that she has done the right thing in dumping you.

Here are some of the things that you should NOT Do when you have just split up from your ex-girlfriend:

1. Immediately go around her house and try to talk about your ‘problems’ - Don’t do it. This is loser behaviour and makes you seem desperate.

At some stage you will have to talk about what went wrong, but definitely NOT immediately. That really smacks of desperation on your part, and she will be able to smell the fear “I will never get another girl like you!” all over you.

2. Leave voice message telling her how much you love her - Nice sentiment guys, but it’s not the right way. ‘Telling’ her you love her is far inferior to ‘Showing’ her you love her, but just after a break-up space, silence and a little reflection time are more likely to do you good.

You need to allow her to start missing you, and leaving her lots of voice message will harden her heart, not open it up.

3. Begging - Yuck! Did this ever work? Guys try this when they are 10 to get a girl to go out with them, and even at 10 girls are wise too it. It smacks of loser behaviour, and just guarantees that in addition to dumping you she will also start to pity you.

4. Sending Lots of Emails – Getting lots of emails is a sure sign that most relationships are on the rocks. Because let’s face it, when things are going great most couples are far too busy chatting or kissing to bother with email.

It automatically puts distance between you and the other party, so it comes over as either distant or cowardly. Neither of which is very tempting to your ex.

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