Four Effective Ways To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back

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Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back

Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back

Does the thought of never getting back with your ex boyfriend make you feel emotionally drained? A breakup is difficult because after spending so much time with the same person, it feels natural be in a relationship with them. Not only does a relationship feel natural, but being single feels awkward and completely unnatural. Part of what makes a relationship strong is the emotional connection between both partners, however, when a breakup occurs, it can be extremely difficult to walk away from years of memories and be just accept the breakup.

If your breakup has left you preoccupied with thoughts of how to get your ex boyfriend back, then here are some action steps to help you reach your goal.

1.       Give him space.

Believe it or not, one of the best ways to get your ex boyfriend back is to leave him alone. While most women loved to be chased, the majority of men would rather not feel as if a woman is hunting them. Instead of smothering your ex, give him some space to breath. It won’t be easy, be the reward will be worth exercising the self control. You don’t have to give him the cold shoulder, but just minimize your contact with him. The point is to force him to miss you by starving him of your presence. If you have a naturally clingy personality, then he will be thrown off balance by your new independent attitude.

2.      Hang out.

Once he starts to miss you, he will likely initiate contact, but if you want to get your ex boyfriend back, you can’t seem too eager to spend time with him. Instead of seeming overly excited to spend time with him, you should try to make it seem as if you are consenting to spend time with him because he wants to see you so badly. You want to make him think you’re doing him a favor, not the other way around. Keep in mind that you don’t want to play extreme relationship hardball at this stage because your ex may get frustrated and give up on the dream of reconciliation. However, want to make him think he coaxed you into meeting up and hanging out.

3.      General discussion

After he’s “convinced” you to hang out with him, it’s important that you avoid the topic of getting back together. As you work to get your ex boyfriend back, you want to remind of him of the fun times you had when you were a couple by being laid back and fun. If he has fun spending time with you, then when he thinks about you, he will think about fun, and not drama. As the saying goes, “Save the drama for your mama,” and focus on spending quality time with your ex.

4.      Don’t gossip about him.

No relationship is perfect, and if you are remotely interested in getting your ex boyfriend back, then avoid spilling the details of your entire relationship to your friends in real life and on Facebook. If he feels publically humiliated by you, he will be hesitant to want to get back together with you. Instead, show some restraint and respect the privacy of your former relationship.

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