Giving Your Ex-Girlfriend Space

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Giving Your Ex Girlfriend Space

Giving Your Ex Girlfriend Space

If your girlfriend breaks up with you then it is incredibly tempting to go into emergency mode and start bombarding her with phone calls, rather than giving your ex girlfriend space.  Telling her that you are really a good guy, that you can change, that things will be better if shed will only give you another chance.

All of this sounds intuitively like it should be a good idea, because surely you are simply paying her more attention, telling her what she wants to hear, and really ‘communicating’ with her. However, the reality is that it is the surest way to make sure that you stay split up!

The reason comes down to some very basic human motivations. Women like to feel like they are desired by an Alpha male, and the minute that you start coming across as overly desperate then you trigger recognition in your ex-girlfriend that you were in fact really a Beta male all along, and that she did the right thing in moving on to pastures new.

That is the last thing that you want to do, so giving your ex girlfriend space isn’t simply good manners, it also makes a great deal of sense if you ever want to get her back. Now, to clarify and be clear about the matter, giving your ex girlfriend space does not mean  that you should be distant or ignore her if she contacts you.  It means that for at least a month after the breakup you should avoid contacting her and simply get on with living.

This should not be some sad time of mourning. The reality is that you are now single and should act appropriately. Go out, see some friends, have some fun. Enjoy yourself. The best way to show to your ex girlfriend that she made the wrong decision is to show through your actions that you are a cool guy.


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