Things to Say To Your Ex Girlfriend

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Things To Say To Your Ex Girlfriend

Things To Say To Your Ex Girlfriend

When the curtain falls on a relationship then it can be a sad time. Someone you care about has decided to split up with you, but you may well still want to get her back, or at least have things to say to your ex girlfriend that improve the situation, rather than antagonise it.

The first thing you should realise though is that often the best thing you can say after a breakup, is to say nothing at all.  You need to give your ex girlfriend space, or otherwise you are going to end up coming across as desperate and needy. Neither of which traits are attractive in anyone.

For at least the first few weeks you should actively resist the temptation to phone your ex girlfriend, text her, or send her emails. If you can also stay away from  Facebook during this time. It is only going to annoy you if you see her posting about going out, or having a great night out with someone, when the reality is that these could well simply be posts designed to annoy YOU, and they might even not be true.

Even if they are true, the truth is that you approach still need to be the same. It is your ex girlfriend that needs to reach the conclusion that you are worth seeing, and no amount of you contacting her with cute messages is going to change that.

So during that month just consider it a kind of holiday, and crack on, or at least try to have a good time and enjoy yourself.

After the month is up and it is a little safer to contact her then what are some things to say to your ex girlfriend?

The key thing is to be low key and normal. Think back to when you first knew her. You didn’t put her son some pedestal and think that your life would be over if she left! You just had fun, talked about cool stuff, and probably had lots of sex! And it was that laid back vibe that led you to having a relationship in the first place.

So think back to that time and reflect not only what you would have talked about then, but also the way you would have said it. The style if you will.

Find that style and what to say will flow naturally from it.


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