Melt My Heart Shrimp Cocktail

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What You Need:

1/2 C ketchup
1/2 C chili sauce
1/4 C prepared horseradish
1 T lemon juice
1 T Worcestershire sauce
12 jumbo cocktail shrimp

How to Make It:

Pour the ketchup and chili sauce into a mixing bowl.
Fold the horseradish into the mixture.
Pour the lemon juice and Worcestershire sauce into the mixture.
Whisk the ingredients together until completely combined.
Cover and chill in the refrigerator at least one hour.
Place the cocktail sauce in a bowl and place in the middle of a serving plate.
Spread the shrimp around the bowl on the plate.

Serves:  2

What a fun appetizers to start out your romantic night.

Add a little champagne and you have the perfect beginning of a Valentine’s night to remember.


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